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    Urgent - How to extract and add data from different fields?

      TASK1st Tech-ID1st Tech-Hrs2nd Tech-ID2nd Tech-Hrs3rd Tech-ID3rd Tech-Hrs


      The table shows the amount of hours per task invested by 3 Tech's. For example, to complete TASK A three technicians were required: 1, 3 and 5 and the total amount of hours to complete TASK A was : 5.35 hours.


      I need to consolidate the amount of hours per technician in the following table and create a bar chart:


      Tech-ID (Dimension)Total Hours


      What would be the best way of doing this?



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          Johannes Sunden

          Hi Jose,


          That is a strange table format. What happens if there is a need for more than 3 technicians for a task?


          Anyway, in this case I would probably load the table in three load statements (Since the table structure is the same, these three tables will automatically be concatenated into one table in your datamodel):

          Task, Tech1 as Tech, Tech1Hours as Hours


          Task, Tech2 as Tech, Tech2Hours as Hours


          Task, Tech3 as Tech, Tech3Hours as Hours


          Then it'll be easy to create charts and calculating the total time spent for each tech.