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    Bubble Chart Axes Control

      Hi there, I have created a bubble chart to display 3 dimensions and I have found that I can't use the Static Min and Static Max functions.


      As you can see from the image this starts to chop some of the chart - does anyone know a get around?

      Bubble Chart Access Control.png


      Something that could round up to the next whole number (specified amount) above the largest value?


      I have provided the qvw for people as well.


      Any help is appreciated.




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          sujeet singh

          Just increase the below lenght all will be done .


          Else just go to Properties<<<Presentation  and then just set MAX Bubble Size to 13 or 14 pt....?

          It worked in your Sample.

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            I do face the same problem, both on the upper as well as the lower side of the Y axis, as well as on the lower side of the x axis depending on some selections.


            Is there any other solution than to make the bubbles smaller? I do want to have bigger bubbles as the distribution is not very even.

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                Hi Matthias, its been a while since I worked on these charts but I've just taken a look at how I got round the issue.


                The main thing is instead of using a bubble chart is to use a scatter chart.


                Then you have access to the min and max for each axis and also in the Chart Properties> Presentation tab you will have access to change the bubble size (top left of the dialogue box).


                I ended up changing the bubbles to hoops because it allowed me to see all of the hoops even if they were stuck behind each other.  See the image below.


                Hope this helps.


                Scatter Chart 3 dimensions.png

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                    Hello Rob


                    Thanks for your prompt reply. I like your suggestion to use hoops, but somehow it still cuts off part of them.


                    I understand that I can manually override the Min/Max values of the axis, but that is kind of counterproductive if the user should be able to make selections on dimensions/periods. And calculating the axis dimensions on the fly is making it also not very straight forward.


                    So do I really have to create an expression to calculate the four axis Min/Max values to show the whole picture?

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                  I wish I could. I tried, but since my chart uses a drill-down group as a dimension, I can't find the min/max values for a given selection in an expression for the axis.


                  I guess I just have to live with an aweful chart then for the time being.