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    Chart Total Count and NullCount problems

      Hello all,


      My first post here, and I assume it's a silly one!


      Due to client confidentiality, I am unable to post the QVW, so I'll try my best to explain the problem and what I'd like resolved.




      So, I'm trying to visualise data quality for x client. All data is pulled from the client's database through SQL. The client has 4185 suppliers:


      • 65 percent of those suppliers have VAT Numbers, 35 NULL
      • 45 percent have bank account numbers, 55 percent either have NULL or entry as zero
      • 40 percent have listed cities, 60 percent NULL
      • etc.


      I would like to make a radar chart that shows NULL/0 entry count for each of the above criteria. (So, nullcount radar for VAT would have a count of ~1300, etc.)


      This was possible through excluding dimensions and calculated dimensions, by using the following sample expressions:


      if([Bank Account Number]<>'NULL' and [Bank Account Number]<>0, count(DISTINCT([Bank Account Number])))


      =Count(DISTINCT{$<[Bank Account Number]={"NULL"}>} [Supplier Name])


      =Count(DISTINCT{$<[Bank Account Number]={"0"}>} [Supplier Name])


      However, clicking the expressions did not link to any data, I assume because no dimensions were entered.




      Here's where I'm stuck. The chart should be a drilldown, showing (in order):


      1. Count and NULL count for VAT, bank account, cities, etc
        • Would like this to be for ALL suppliers (one radar chart line with value of 1300 VAT nullcount, one radar chart line with value of 2600 VAT total count, etc)
        • Obviously showing a radar chart with 4185 distinct lines per 10 data quality tests is not ideal
      2. Depending if the user clicks a NULL count or total count:
        1. Show all suppliers with NULL or
        2. Show all suppliers with entry
        3. Clicking either of these will list all suppliers in a list box


      I understand I have not done well with explaining this, but any help would be very much appreciated. This is an amazing community, and I look forward to being able to give back to it someday!


      Please don't hesisitate to ask for clarification, as this was probably a confusing post