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    Issue with the peek command

    John Duffy

      Hello All.


      I am trying to create a simple loop to read an Oracle table several times with different schemas.  I am creating a resident table containing all the schemas and using the peek command with a Do While loop to step through and load each one.


      My issue is with the second peek command.  It always returns a null value and the Load statement abends.  I'm sure it is something very simple that I am overlooking.


      I have attached a sample application using inline load statements to illustrate the issue.  In this application, I simply want to read data from TAB1, TAB2 and TAB3 to build resident table TEST_TABLE.  You will find that the applicaiton abends the second time the load statement is executed because vTableName is null.


      Also, you will notice that the editor is flagging the load statement as if there is an error.   I'm assuming that is because it does not know what value will be in vConcat.


      I am using QV10 SR2.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.