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    QV developement Optimization

    nassim kasdali


      I need your help to optimize my report on QV.

      I developed a report respecting the star modeling, but the key who linked my fact table with my other table content a concatenation of 9 fields, knowing that i've more that 6 million of rows.

      I thinks that this way of creating my key break down the performence of my report.


      can you advice me how to develop properly my report ?



        • Re: QV developement Optimization
          Mark Sheraton

          You want to try and keep your joining field values as short as possible, for example

          'Value1' & 'Value2'  & 'Value3' as myKey

          The length of the field is quite high 18.

          Use Autonumber()

          Autonumber('Value1' & 'Value2'  & 'Value3') as myKey


          This is taken from the help:

          Returns a unique integer value for each distinct evaluated value of expression encountered during the script

          execution. This function can be used e.g. for creating a compact memory representation of a complex key.

          In order to create multiple counter instances if the autonumber function is used on different keys within the

          script, an optional parameter AutoID can be used for naming each counter.



          (If you'd like further assistance you might want to upload your QVW or at least a screen grab of the data model.