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    Calculated dimensions in scattered chart

      Hi Community.


      After some months following the forum I write my first post hoping someone can help.


      I have a large document containing sales data. I defined an expression to calculate a "segment" to each client based on the average monthly sales range for the selected period (months).


      I´m trying to draw a graph (not sure scattered/grid) to represent segments on the X axis. Y axis should represent total sales for clients of each segment and bubble diameter represents number of clients in the segment.


      The X axis (segments) is defined using a calculated dimension, and maybe this is my problem. I can´t define an expression for Y axis using segment values.


      I thought about defining segments in script, but that would make my graph static.


      I attach a sample QVW to better explain the scenario.


      Hope someone has been in a similar situation and can help where I´m absolutely stuck.


      Thank you in advance.