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    Selections filtering does not work properly when SET analysis is used



      I need your help. I have created a document with several tabs. I found that Selections or filtering does not work properly when I use an expression with SET Analysis. I have created Chart Tables in different tabs. In the tabs that contain tables with a column with an expression like the one below does not filter well. All other tabs that do not contain expression like this filter/select fine.


      So, I have a table like this:


      Project Name, Project ID, Completion, Section


      The Completion column contains the expression:


      count( {1<[Completion] = {'Green'}, [Section] = {2} >} [Completion])


      The table show all correct data, when I click on 'Project Name'I expect all rows to hide but the one that contains the project name I click on, just like the other tables in the other tabs. The filter shows in the Current Selections object, but the table still shows all the rows.


      In addition, I noticed that the values for the columns that do not contain SET Analysis is filtered out, and the values for the other columns is still shown.


      So, in the table above, when I apply the filter:


      1. I click on a Project Name value

      2. The Project Name is shown in the Current Selections

      3. All rows are still shown

      4. Values for Project ID and Section are only shown for the project name selected

      5. All values are shown in the column Completion


      If I disable/remove the column Completion Selections works fine, as expected like other tables that do not contain these type of expressions.


      Using SET Analysis is very appropriate for our data model, and very fast in terms of performance. So I prefer so use these instead of load scripts which take longer to load to achieve the same results.


      Any help is very much appreciated.