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    Set & Get Values from Extension Javascript to QVW objects

      Very appreciate anyone could help!


      Scenario 1. I need to get listbox object from extension javascript, seeing from this post http://bi-review.blogspot.com/2011/09/building-extensions-in-qlikview-some.html

      This callback function doesn't work

      var listboxCallback = function () {

          var caption = this.Layout.Caption.label;



      var extCallback = function () {

          qva.GetQvOvbject("LB01", listboxCallback);




      Scenario 2. I need to get a inputbox object within extension's javascript, and then set the values back from my extension javascript, how am I able to do that?


      Scenario 3. If Scenario 2 couldn't work, then I am thinking about pass a variable into a measure in Definition.xml, then I am stucked at how to define this Definition.xml

      In Definition.xml, some samples have lines like

         <Measurement Label="Measurement1" Initial="" />

                <Initiate Name="Chart.Expression.0.0.Definition" value="=3"/>

      I really don't understand what does it do

      And some samples have multiple measures and is it the right syntax?

         <Measurement Label="Measurement1" Initial="" />

        <Initiate Name="Chart.Expression.0.0.Definition" value="=3"/>

         <Measurement Label="Measurement2" Initial="" />

        <Initiate Name="Chart.Expression.1.0.Definition" value="=3"/> or   <Initiate Name="Chart.Expression.0.1.Definition" value="=3"/>


      What is the purpose or meaning to have this arrangement like 0.0, 0.1 or 1.0?


      Scenario 4. The reason why I am asking is I have a task, a user will input some meaningful numeric values in the extension object (My requirement is made this way), and I want QVW get these inputs and make the selections across all objects based on that. Any ideas?



      PS. I downloaded a document called Qlikview Ajax Javascript Library, but a lot of the samples are not working with Extension, is there any document which can introduce the extension Javascript library in depth?



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          I'm having the same problem. Are you able to get through this?

          If so, could you please share to me how did you solve this?


          Thank you,


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              I used variable to communicate to qvw standard object from extension.

              Create variables in your qvw, like my case: south, west, north, east


              and in your extension, I have things like

                north = northEast.lat();

                                  east = northEast.lng();

                                  south = southWest.lat();

                                  west = southWest.lng();


                                  var doc = Qv.GetCurrentDocument();

                                  doc.SetVariable('south', south);

                                  doc.SetVariable('west', west);

                                  doc.SetVariable('north', north);

                                  doc.SetVariable('east', east);


              don't worry about northEast and southWest, they are variables gettting from google map api.