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    QV Extract Performance drop with upgrade to Oracle 11g vs. 10g

    Jim Beierschmitt

      We just upgraded the Oracle Business Intelliegence (OBI) environment from 10g to 11g and now have much longer reload durations for the exact same tables.  All other variables are identical - QlikView 11.0 x64, Oracle 11.2.0 Client (OraOLEDB), running from QMC, same server, same data tables.


      Anyone have experience with similar change in performance after they upgrade from 10g to 11g?  There are several avenues to examine, but wanted to check in with QlikCommunity to see if this is a familiar issue for someone.




      W_SALES_INVOICE_LINE (113 fields, 3,908,751 rows)

      - 10G: 1h 9m

      - 11G: 4h 28m


      I will follow up to this post as we learn more.





        • Re: QV Extract Performance drop with upgrade to Oracle 11g vs. 10g


          I understand you have upgraded the oracle bi and database from from 10g to 11g, is it correct?



          If you have upgraded the db you can have performances issues related to the database or to the connection OraOLEBD.

          Try to rum the same queries from SQLPlus to determine if the performance problem is related to the db or to the conection. If you have a new db version, you need a new Oracle client; have you upgraded the Oracle Client?



          If haven't upgraded the DB. Oracle BI 11g has a much bigger hw requeriments than 10g; mainly because 11g uses WebLogic as apps server.If you have OBI 11g and the database in the same machine you will have a performance drop from Qv and from any tool. Try to run the same queries from SQL Plus.


          Hope this help, Ferran