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    help with chart please - newbie

      hello everyone


      have the following fields: these are months from an excel spreadsheet


      month query.jpg

      I am trying to compile a bar chart to show the fluctuation of attendances per month. i think i should be containing these fields into something else like month but i am unsure on how to do this


      any guidance would be greatly appreciated





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          sujeet singh



          Let Date be your datefield..and Attendence is field with 0 for Absence or 1 for presence

          Now while loading..........





          --------new aliase field-----------------

          Month(Date) as Month





          Now you can use month as Dimension...and Expression=sum(Attendence)



          Any other issue let me know.

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              Many Thanks


              I would have done as you have mentioned but the data i am using has the following layout (i have removed the figures)




              I am thinking the script needs to be changed to categorise all the dates into one field but i am unsure about the correct way to do this?





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                  Load the script using the wizard (when you click on the table files button at the bottom of the edit script box it prompts you to open a file and then opens a wizard) go through the process and choose the enable transformation process option. When you get to the File Wizard option view it gives you the option to put your data into a Crosstable - this will help you to put all the dates into one data field.


                  Hope this helps