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    Drop Table $(variableTableName);

      Hi Guys,


      i'm trying to use a variable table name into the Drop Table instruction and that seems to not work as intended.

      Indeed, i'm working with tables generated according to variable names like :


      FOR EACH vInputFile In FileList('.\INPUTS\*')



           LOAD * FROM InputFile;


           STORE $(currenttablename)$(tablesuffix) INTO '.\STORE\$(currenttablename)';

      NEXT vInputFile


      And after that, i have to purge memory :

      FOR iTableNo = 0 to NoOfTables()-1

           Let CurrentTable = TableName('$(iTableNo)');

           IF WildMatch(CurrentTable,'*$(tablesuffix)') THEN


                Drop Table $(CurrentTable);





      My problem is that this statement : Drop Table $(CurrentTable);

      The variable table name seems to not be replaced correctly during execution, and QV return and error :  "Table unavailable : Drop Table statement"


      Is drop table working with variable table name ?


      Thanks in advance for your help.