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    Sales vs. Quota - No sales, no quota.

      Hello Community


      I am fairly new to Qlikview and currently I'm having problems with how my tables link together.


      The problem is the following:

      I have one table with sales reps and their respective selling in a month (Sales Table).

      I have another table with the sales reps corresponding quota to cover (Quota Table).


      I linked both tables using a concatenated key with fields that both tables share in common and everything works, exept the reps that dont have a sale.

      When i don't have a sale in the original data, the quota does not appear so I assumed it was because the Quota table did not have a key to link up in the Sales Table.


      What I tought that might solve the problem was to put additional lines with the all the Quota keys and assigning a zero sales value to each (so now I have a 100% match), but it does not work, it only links lines that have a value in the Sales table.


      Is there something i can do to make qlikview take those lines and complete the link between tables?


      Any help is appreciated