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    Stacked Bar Chart - Can't get the Dual() function to work



      I've got a problem with getting some customized labels on my bars in a stacked bar chart.


      Through reading other posts, i've seen cases where people have used Dual(string,num) to provide a customized label for the bars in the chart.


      I have the following options enabled in the chart properties:


      • Expressions tab: Values on Data Points
      • Number tab: Format = Expression Default
      • Presentation tab: Plot Values Inside Segments


      What i'm doing is this: i have an expression set up with a dual(value+string, value) and i'm expecting to see the value+string inside each segment.


      The expression for the moment is:


      =Dual(if(Rev > Budget1, Budget1, Rev) & '(45%)',  if(Rev > Budget1, Budget1, Rev))


      No matter what i try, i can't get it to display the number and text - it always just displays an unformatted number. I've inserted an image of what i've tried below (with figures blacked out, but you can clearly see if doesn't end in "(45%)" ).


      Stacked Bars Dual.JPG


      I'm using Qlikview 11 SR 2. What am i doing wrong!?


      Any help you guys can provide is most appreciated.