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    how to find data relavent to the last day of the given date??

    sushil kumar

      Hi All,


      I have a date field in which dates are given. My problem is.


      1. When user selects the month. It should give the data relavent to the max(date) of the selected month.

      2. also i want to calculate the data difference of the current and previous month last day.



      for example i have attached the sample data.


      for problem 1: if user selects the NOV month i should get the data for (11-11-2012) as this is the last date present in the date field for nov month.

                           it should be: 49208.


      for problem 2: i should get the difference of "current month last day data value - last month last day data value".

                           for the sample data it should come out to be 49208-49038 = 170


      I have attached the sample data and application. Please help me out to solve this problem



      Thanks in advance