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    Problem in Hierarchy calculation

    Nirav Bhimani

      HI Everyone,


      I am creating one demo for recipe cost using hierarchy. While calculating the cost of root product it gave me wrong result i.e. 287.67 but according to manual calculation in excel it is 266.14 for Product A. see the sheet2. It happens because it is considering the sum of all the B components(Quantity * Unitcost)  to that total ie. 266.14 + 20.52

      Is there any way I can get the total as 266.14 as my final result.


                                                                                           Hierarchy Structure:



                                                                                                     /          \

                                                                                                   B            C



                                                                                      B1.......... B11


      Thanks & Regards,

      Nirav Bhimani