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    Two line charts with one dimension

    Dieter Staufenbeil

      Dear QlikView users


      in my Edit Script exist one LOAD and SQL-SELECT statement from a DB-Table. One column is the timestamp dimension. Three columns C1, C2, C3 can be selected by the user in three list boxes for selecting data. With one line chart this works fine.

      Then I've created a second line chart which has the same dimension like the first chart.

      The data should be selected with the same columns C1 and C2, but the data should be selected in a fourth list box from the same column C3 with a different value as in the first chart.

      And I don't want to create a second SELECT-statement for the second chart because I want to use only one data source.


      As an example: C1 = country, C2 = salesperson, C3 = sales of product

      In the tow charts should be displayed the data of the same country and salesman, but of two different products


      Can anyone give me some hints ?


      Thanks and best regards



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          It seems like you are trying to compare (say) two different products against the same set of dimensions.


          This can be best achieved using Comparative Analysis feature in QlikView. Check out a similar implementation in "What's New in QlikView 11" document - if you are using QlikView 11.


          Otherwise, you can just create two set analysis expressions for two products and use them in the chart.


          For example,


          Product 1 expression could be,:




          Product 2 expression could be,:





          Please find attachment.


          Hope that helps.