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    how to select whole set, using variables in set analysis.



      I have been trying to figure out how to select a set of everything. I have a graph where I want the data of each expression to be chosen by the user throough selction boxes.


      At the moment the user can choose to see avg(sales) or median(sales)

      I want them to be able to select specific sets for each line on the graph.

      So they can choose which contry and what product the average sales line shows while the median line shows a different product and contry that they selected,


      the expression I use is



      ({1< Country ={'$(vLine1Country)'},Product ={'$(vLine1Product)'}>}Sales),


      vLine1Country is a variable set by the user using a selection box with predetermined fields.


      The problem with this expression is the user can not deselect a country and see a set of all the countries, or choose more than one country which is what I need.

      If anyone can suggest a method of doing this I would be very greatful.


      I'm using qlikview v10