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    DSC and QVWS services down

    steve peroni

      Dear all,

      I don't know why., but suddenly the services above are stopped. I tried to restart them and restart the machine without success. After a look at windows event viewver, I found the floowing message:


      (DSC.DirectoryFramework) setup path not successful for user 'administrator' at 'LDAP://sintesi.loc': System.Exception: Setting up connection failed; Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. at ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider.CachedDirectoryEntryHolder.get_Entry() at ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider.GetDirectoryEntry(String path) at ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider.SetupPath(String _path, String _username, String _password) at DSC.DirectoryFramework.SetupResource(Guid id, String type, String path, String username, String password, IDictionary`2 newSettings)


      Does anyone know what's going on ? Really I don't know  where to put my hands to solve this problem



      Thanks in advance