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    Right-to-Left Problem

    morgan shoshter

      Dear Qlivkew Experts/Technical Team


      we are using Qlikview as BI tools in our Project by Qlikview Version 7 to 11 .

      we have a  problem in layout Design on Pivot Tables :

      in pivot we could not change the oriantion mode to right-to-left,
      all objects and page layouts should be defined as right-to-left,
      but in pivot we have to use it left-to-right.

      all development softwares such as visual studio, Delphi, Jdeveloper,.... have a same property named
      BiDimode(Bi Dimentinal Mode) that is used for this matter.

      in middle east almost all the countries  languages is Arabic, and you know Arabic is a right-to-left

      please help us how to handle this problem in qlikview's Pivots
      or ask technical team to add this feature on new Release.


      best wishes