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    How to configure QlikView server 11 to work with IIS 7 on separate machine?

      I install QlikView server 11 with IIS support at one server (QLK-server) and install IIS support files and Client files on different server (IIS-server).

      After that, I confugure by using managment console, QLK-server to work with IIS on IIS-server - i've changed web-server url to http://IIS:4750/QVWS/Service and, in web server settings changed Directrory Service Connectros to DSC@QLK-server. Server connection on AccessPoin tab i change to QVS@QLK-server.

      After that done I turn off QlikView site on QLK-server in IIS managment console.

      QlikView services on both servers runs using one domain account. Firewall on IIS-server is tuned off.

      But, at now AccessPoint not accesible on both servers - with HTTP 404 error on http://QLK-server/qlikview/index.htm and http://IIS-server/qlikview/index.htm


      So, the question is - what would I do to that configuration working correctly?