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    change color text in table

      Hello everybody


      I have a table with 5 coloms


      the first 3 coloms A, B, C have value's the forth colom is SUM A,B,C and the fith colom is the average of A,B,C


      I aksed before to get the values red/green if below or above average, see http://community.qlik.com/message/287181#287181 so that worked out fine


      I use this

      The Expression tab and click on the + in front of the expression A and click on Text Color. In the textbox for Definition put this expression:



      But I want to make some more difference between the colors, no I have 2 only green if above average and red if below.


      I want to have 5 colors and the first one if the value in A is less then 10% of the average, second if A = between 10and 30% of average, third if A is between 30 and 70% of the average, fourth if A is between 70 an 90% of average and the fitht if A is higher then 90% of average.


      Help would be very usefull


      grtz Ed

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          Hello Ed,


          try using this formula:


          if( sum(A) <= ((sum(A)+sum(B)+sum(C))/3) * 0.1, rgb(255,0,255),
          if( sum(A) <= ((sum(A)+sum(B)+sum(C))/3) * 0.3, rgb(255,255,0),
          if( sum(A) <= ((sum(A)+sum(B)+sum(C))/3) * 0.7, rgb(0,0,255),
          if( sum(A) <= ((sum(A)+sum(B)+sum(C))/3) * 0.9, rgb(255,0,0),
          if(sum(A) > ((sum(A)+sum(B)+sum(C))/3) * 0.9, rgb(0,255,0) ) ) ) ) )


          You just have to change the rgb-values to the ones you need.



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            Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



            Let's say you have the Average in column number 5 (fifth expression) counting from the left. Then, the condition to get colors I'd use is:


            If(Column(5) < .1, Color1,
              If(Column(5) < .3, Color2,
                If(Column(5) < .70, Color3,
                  If(Column(5) < .90, Color4,


            Note that If() conditions in charts may degrade performance with large data sets.


            Hope that helps.



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              Gysbert Wassenaar

              Something like: