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    Straight table expression

    Sibin Jacob.C C



      I have a straight table with 6 dimensions.At a time only one active dimension. I am using conditional enable in dimension.


      My dimensions are Region,District,Territory,CITY,ZIP,Physician.


      My expression for physician level


      sum ({$<%Rx_AGG_Product_ID={3},Rx_AGG_Product_Name=>} Vol )


      ZIP level


      sum ({$<%Rx_AGG_Product_ID={3},Rx_AGG_Product_Name=,Physician=>} Vol )


      City level


      sum ({$<%Rx_AGG_Product_ID={3},Rx_AGG_Product_Name=Physician=,zip=>} Vol )


      territory level


      sum ({$<%Rx_AGG_Product_ID={3},Rx_AGG_Product_Name=,physician=,zip=,city=>} Vol )


      District level


      sum ({$<%Rx_AGG_Product_ID={3},Rx_AGG_Product_Name=,physician=,zip=,city=,territory=>} Vol )


      Region level

      sum ({$<%Rx_AGG_Product_ID={3},Rx_AGG_Product_Name=,physician=,zip=,city=,territory=,District=>} Vol )



      To acheive this functionality I am using lot of if condion.



      Based on condion one of the dimension get active ..



      Is there any other way to get each level value ?




      Sibin Jacob