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    Case Senstive field



      I have an issues on one of my Qlikview files.  I am running the below load script, and owner is a field that comes from a table called opencall



      LOAD firstname,


           firstname&' '&surname as full_name,

           keysearch as owner;

      select distinct (opencall.owner),




      from opencall

      LEFT JOIN userdb

      on opencall.owner = userdb.keysearch

      order by firstname;


      I have a listbox in my document where the Field is full_name. The script as a whole allows me to select the full name of a person (such as Joe Bloggs) and then it looks at the owner field which is the username (such as bloggsj).  The link between owner and the full name is the keysearch field.

      However in the keysearch field the username is bloggsj and in the owner field it is BLOGGSJ, therefore when searching the fullname field, it cannot be viewedIn my load script is ther a way that I can somehow ignore the owner as being case sensitive so the keysearch field and owner match up no matter if it is uppercase or not?




      Jon Ditchfield