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    Create a QlikView portable version

    Lotfi Benkhider


      I would like to share with you this video realized to show you how to create a QlikView portable version.

      This will allow you, as a consultant, to carry on your flash drive all your QV reports and watch them on any computer, especially those of your prospects.





      Lotfi BENKHIDER


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          carlos cordoba

          Thanks very much for these information. It had been so useful to me. There is something wrong with my portable version: Wheh I create an applicattion and then I close Qlikview and try to open it later, the program says that the document was made by other user. Could you please give any suggestion about this?



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              Lotfi Benkhider



              The QlikView portable version works in the same way as the install version. The only diffirence is : It allows you to create QlikView app without insttaling QlikView in your PC.

              So, If you create App in your PC, you can only open it on this PC.

              When you create an app, QlikView add the computer name to this app. So, if you have not a QV license you can't open the app in an other PC.