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    Cannot find Audit Log

      Running QV Server 10 SR3


      Turned on Audit logging via QVEMC | System | Setup | <server> | Logging ... clicked Apply


      Using default logging folder : C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer


      Login in to AccessPoint

      Open file


      No Audit_* file anywhere on server.


      How often does the QVServer Flush logs?


      I quit/restarted server but still no Audit_<machine> file.

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          Daniel Rozental

          Daniel, logs should be generated in the logged folder that's parametrized in the QEMC, please make sure it's still the default folder as it might have been changed.


          Also, make sure you or someone logs into an application for the log to be generated.

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              Per original post ... I looked in the folder used for logging (other logs were there). I logged onto the AccessPoint and opened a file which should be an "Audit-able" action. No Audit_<machine>.log was created.


              The above actions were done 12/17.


              I checked the log folder today, 12/18, and didfind Audit_<machine>.log with yesterday's event.


              Today I again logged into the AccessPoint and opened a file. The Audit_<machine>.log file does NOT contain a record of this action.


              How often does QVServer flush its internal log to the log file?