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    Direct Discovery

    Paweł Manowiecki

      Hello Everyone,


      My questions goes to new functionality of Direct Discovery (QV 11.2).


      • Is it possible to load more then one table like this?
      • Is it possible to make WHERE limitations to source data while using DIRECT?


      I tried like this - and third statement failed (it fails even when I remove WHERE clause). It loads only tableA.


      ODBC CONNECT TO ODBC_Teradata (XUserId is zyzyryxy, XPassword is blablablasimple);
      DIRECT SELECT column_a, column_b IMPLICIT column_c
      FROM schema.tableA;
      DIRECT SELECT column_a,column_d IMPLICIT column_e
      FROM schema.tableB 
      WHERE date_of_day > date - 1;


      Thanks in advance for info.


      Best regards,