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    showing only selected year in chart with a 2nd measure showing LY



      i am trying to create a chart that shows actuals, Rolling 12 with actual total and Last Year total. I have used the dimension total for actuals. I would now also like to show the total of last Year.


      I tried to create a 3rd measure selecting last year. Then I need to disregard the current selection on year in my set so I do. Then I do get at total that would be fine (I think) but unfortunately all periods included in the "previouis year selection" shows in the chart. I would prefer to only see the total but if this is not possible then I would like for the measure to show up "ontop of my currently selected year"


      Is there any way of doing this? It is not unusual that you like to compare this year with last year (almost as budget only connected to another year")



      Bottom picture is the one I would like to acheive




      Thank you for any suggestions!