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    GeoQlik Enable/disable analysis

    Jeroen Veldhoen

      Hi everybody,


      I started using GeoQlik and I am quite enthusiastic about it. However, I was wondering whether it is possible to enable or disable an analysis/expression using buttons on the QlikView sheet, but outside the extension object. I do not want to use the default sidebar inside the GeoQlik object.


      So suppose I have analysis 1 which is a heat map and analysis 2 which shows the 'sales per region' using classes. Using buttons on the sheet, I would like to enable or disable an analysis. Can this be done?

        • Re: GeoQlik Enable/disable analysis

          Although geoqlik does not provide a built-in way to achieve what you want you can get what you want by using your variable in your analysis expression.


          For example, say you have 2 analyses:

          Analysis 1 : sum(SomeValue)

          Analysis 2 : sum(AnotherValue)


          If you want to show a specific analysis given a GeoAnalysis variable, you can change your expressions to:

          Analysis 1 : if(GeoAnalysis = 1, sum(SomeValue), '')

          Analysis 2 : if(GeoAnalysis = 2,sum(AnotherValue), '')


          It won't exactly disable the analysis but as no value will be generated nothing will be drawn. There won't be a visual cue to show which analysis is active tough.