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    Calculated Dimension



      I am having a few performance issues after adding in a number of new dimensions/sheets to my application.  I have 6 sheets with one Pivot table graph on each sheet.  I use three calculated dimensions to determine which side label gets displayed in each pivot ( 3x dimensions /side lables).  Below is an example of one calculated dimension that I am using:


       = IF(Segment.Dimension = 1, DATA.ORG_1_S,
      IF(Segment.Dimension = 2, DATA.MARK_1,
      IF(Segment.Dimension = 3, DATA.GEN_S, 
      IF(Segment.Dimension = 4,DATA.FU_N,
      IF(Segment.Dimension = 5, DATA.ASS_L,
      IF(Segment.Dimension = 6, DATA.PORT_T, '-')))))) 


      Segment.Dimension is just a simple list box - when Dimension 1 is selected the column ORG_1_S  gets displayed etc.


      I have a few similiar multiple IF statements across all 6 pivots which is probably one reason for the poor performance.  However, I was thinking if I replaced the multiple IF statements with Set Analysis it may improve the performance?  I would really appreciate if someone can post the syntax to use


      thank you.