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      I've been hitting this error in my server. I found this log in my Distributionservice > 1 > Log > Cluster_YYYYMMDD.txt


      12/19/2012 08:07:18.1179086 Information File system watcher for notification file failed with error: System.IO.InternalBufferOverflowException: Too many changes at once in directory:\\Cnhkgqlv031uat\QlikView\DistributionService.



      I have all my configuration files such as config files, log files, distribution server storing at a shared drive \\Cnhkgqlv031uat\QlikView

      But my QlikView distribution service will be down once a week. and the error message I found is "System.IO.InternalBufferOverflowException: Too many changes at once in directory:\\Cnhkgqlv031uat\QlikView\DistributionService."



      Please advise and comments are welcome.... Thanks~