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    Cumulative expression?

    Siva Dandu



      iam looking for something to calculate cumulative expression for the following requirement, i tried with many options but couldn't succeed.... Please help.


      This is my expression for the bar chart:



      Iam calculting the cumulative expression as a line in the same chart.

      for the first month , the expression is same

      =((sum(A) for Jan-Sum(B) for Jan)/(Sum(A) for Jan)*100


      for the second month, i want to find the ((sum(A) for Jan, Feb - Sum(B) for Jan,Feb)/(Sum(A) for Jan, Feb))*100


      for the third month, i want to find the ((sum(A) for Jan, Feb,Mar - Sum(B) for Jan,Feb,Mar) /  (Sum(A) for Jan, Feb,Mar))*100


      Please find the attachment for the qvw file.