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    Can't find report with SAP Report Connector

      Dear all,


      I'm trying use the SAP Report Connector to extract report data from SAP R/3 to QV.

      After installed the connector in both SAP and QV side, I connected by SAP Report Connector with success.


      But once I try to get the report by report name, it always gave me back the message: Program XXX not found.

      sap report connector.png


      Could anyone tell me why this result?


      Thanks a lot.



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          sunil jain

          please enter program name of the report there.

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            Hi Marc,


            There could be a couple of reasons for this. 


            First, if you have not done so already, get the SAP Security person to add the report transaction codes to the access role for the user that you are using for the SAPReportConnector.  I think that is why I got that message. 


            Then you need to change your own SAP profile in SAP using transaction code ZSU3.  Go to Defaults and uncheck the boxes that say to print the file immediately and delete the spool file.  QlikView is looking for your spool file, so you don't want to delete it.


            Then run the report in SAP using the transaction code, print it, and the look at System > Own Spool Requests to make sure you created a spool request. 


            I see that the Variant field is empty in your picture.  When you set up the parameters to run your report in SAP, you need to save the parameters as a variant and name the variant so you can enter it in the Variant field in QlikView.


            Hope at least one of these suggestions is helpful.