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    running a macro



      I want to introduce a button for reload. For this , I wrote a macro that executes the operation...'ActiveDocument.Reload'.

      But, since it didn't work, I checked the boxes 'Allow macro execution on server' and 'Allow unsafe macro execution on server'.

      But, even after this, its not working. Do I have to write an edx for this?

      Please suggest some ideas


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          I am using qllikview 9.00 SR7

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            Peter Cammaert

            On the server, a user is not allowed to Reload a document (in AccessPoint everybody is a user, even admin)


            BTW You should implement this using actions, instead of macros. It's never exactly clear which macros will execute on the server and which won't and why. Try to avoid macros if actions offer the same feature. If I remember correctly, v9 still had the Reload action (it disappeared sometime between 8 and 11, but it's back in v11)


            Alternative routes:

            • define document managers. Those will get access to QMC/QEMC but only to the first two tabs in order to launch specific jobs and nothing more. This is the easiest solution (although again I'm not sure to what extent this feature is available in v9)
            • use EDX to trigger a reload from outside the QV environment. Also pretty easy, but you may have to define a button or a button app somewhere that sends the request. Have a look at QMSEDX.





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                Thanks a lot for replying....


                I did try the second option.I tried executing a .vbs script from the command prompt using 'cscript'.Inspite of my username being in qlikview administrator group, it said i had to be in the group. Also, i created the edx group.But, this also did not help.


                Could you please tell me how to define a document manager?


                Thanks and Regards,