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    Calculated expression to remove certain days



      I have a straight table and thanks to this forum have a way of getting the count of all the Unassigned call from the database.  The expression I use is:




      The above expression check the call_status_full field and if it equals unassigned, it tells me how many calls there are for each support group in field suppgroup.


      However I have been asked if I can expand the expression so it picks up unassigned call only if the field lastactdate is 14 days or more older than the current system date.

      EG: If a call was last updated on the system (lastactdate) on 01/12/2012 and the date today is 19/12/2012, this call would show as 1 on the table

             However if a call was last updated on the system (lastactdate) on on 16/12/2012 and today is 19/12/2012, this would not show on the table.




      Jon Ditchfield