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    Expression help

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi all,


      I am wondering if anyone can help me please..


      I have the following expression..


      Avg ( {<[Job Type]={'Urgent H&S','Offline','Other','Paint'}, OrderComplete_Flag={'1'},Order_QueWIPFlag ={'N'},[SystemCompletedDate]={">=$(=date(Today()-28))<=$(=date(Today()-1))"}>} [Days to Complete(Accepted)])


      i need to exclude 10+Operative Names from this average calculation but i didnt want to put all the names in the expression. I was thinking of maybe setting up a variable with the names in then using the variable in the expression but unsure how to do this,

      Can anyone help please?


      I have done this in the expression which seesm to work


      Avg ( {<[Job Type]={'Urgent H&S','Offline','Other','Paint'}, [Operative Name]=-{'Name1','Name2'},OrderComplete_Flag={'1'},Order_QueWIPFlag ={'N'},[SystemCompletedDate]={">=$(=date(Today()-28))<=$(=date(Today()-1))"}>} [Days to Complete(Accepted)])


      The field name is

      [Operative Name]