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    Line Chart(trend analysis),Need to hide "others" while showing

    Rahul Burri

      When I restrict the values to the top 6, im given a list of the top 5 customers and then the 6th is an accumulation of all the other customers.


      So, for instance, if my sales figure was 100


      Cust 1 - 10

      Cust 2 - 5

      Cust 3 - 3

      Cust 4 - 2

      Cust 5 - 4

      Other - 76


      I don’t want "others" while showing in the reports (it’s totally distorting the report) and while calculating trends I need those values?

      I Have used set analysis in the dimension as aggr(if(rank(sum([Order Amount]))<=0,Customer),Customer)



      Please help ASAP