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    Sort by expression or calculated dimension?

    Anne-Lise Freson



      I'm quite new to QlickView, and I'm unable to find how to sort by expression or to create a relevant calculated dimension to do it.


      My data are the following one: I have a pivot table listing some fields used in an IT system for many banks, and not all banks use the same fields. I would like, for each field, have a column indicating if each bank uses it or not, and at the end count how many banks use it.


      I was able to either use a calculated dimension or an expression to flag if each bank use it (value 1, calculated this way:




      I was able to have the sum with the following expression:





      Capture Qlickview.JPG

      but how can I select only the OBJ_CLASS_ID whose TOTAL_VISIB > 0? I want to be able to do a dropdown select if possible...


      Thank you very much for your help!