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    Dimension being ignored in Set Analysis with operand

      Hi Guys,


      I have a set analysis expression which uses the union operand ("+") to identify unique Order Numbers that may be affected by errors from 2 areas.


      Count({$<FOCGroupClass = {'Damaged'}>+<[Credit Reason] = {'Damaged Goods'}>}DISTINCT [Order Number])


      We have a field called FOCGroupClass which indicates whether the Order was damaged, and similarly, we have a field called CreditReason which will also capture where an Order has been damaged. I need to count the unique Order numbers that have been affected which the above expression does very nicely within a table.


      However, when i wish to use this in a chart with a week dimension and a year dimension, the Year dimension is being ignored.






      Is there another aspect that needs to be included in the Set Analysis to take this into consideration?


      Hope this is clear, if not, i can attach the file.