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    Selection in Listbox wrong because of Null.....

      Hello there,


      i have a small question:


      I got a diagramm with the formula




      If i go now into the diagramm and make a selection i get the right Date for my Formula.


      But i do not get the right ID.


      Thats because I got Null values for that Date.

      Hard to explain but just see the picture.


      Thank you so much for your help









        • Re: Selection in Listbox wrong because of Null.....
          Stefan Wühl



          if you select in a chart, you will only select in fields that you use in the dimensions, not in expressions.


          So if your chart has one dimension DATUM, you will only make a selection in that field. If you use some other fields in your expressions (like DAUER), there will be no selections in these fields (though the possible values will be restricted depending on selection in DATUM, of course).