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      I have a Pie chart where it shows sales of different countries .

      If i click on one country then it has to show me the sales of different cities of that particular country but in Bar chart and at the same time the pie chart(original chart it self) should show me the month sales(each moth how much sales do the country have ) .After that when i clear the selection the bar chart has to go so that again i can select another country . What can i do in this case? Please suggest

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Create a drilldown group for your pie chart with Country and Months. Add the group as dimension to your pie chart. Add a bar chart with Cities as dimension. See attached example which uses Region, Months and Products, but the principle is the same. If you don't want to show the bar chart when no country is selected add an expression to the Show condition on the Presentation tab: if(getselectedcount(Country),1,0)

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            Mohit Sharma

            for this purpose edit group as drop down in your dimension of chart and choose month field or country or city as per your request


            hope it will helps you

            for this edit group going to chart properties in dimension add at last on left side edit there you can add the dimensions