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    Straight Table Expression Issue

    Sibin Jacob.C C



      I have a straight table with dimension product_name. In one of my product I am keeping market volume.


      I need the value of product_vol/market_vol.


      MY expression is like this


      sum(volume)/sum({$<product_name=,product_id={1} >} volume)


      I am keeping the market volume in product_id 1.



      But I am not getting the right value in market volume.


      Please let me know if there is any way to get the market volume.




      Sibin Jacob.C

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Maybe you want to ignore all selections instead of only product_name:

          sum(volume)/sum({1<product_id={1} >} volume)

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              Sibin Jacob.C C

              Hi Gysbert,


              I tried this one. But it is not working fine for table expression.


              In text box this formula is working fine for me to get the market volume.


              If I am using this formula in variable its working fine for me. But in table I have 13 columns.


              the expression for first column


              sum({1<Date_id={1} >} volume)/vMarket_Volume



              in variable my formula is sum({1<product_id={1},Date_id={1} >} volume)



              If I am going through this way I need to use 13 variables. Is there any other way (with out using variable) to get the right value ?



              Sibin Jacob