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    CurrentSelections object not using field title/label/caption

    Biju Philips

      The idea of specifiying a separate title/label/caption is to override the system field names that comes into the QV document. However the CurrentSelections box does not use any of these values but always displays the source field name directly which beats the purpose of specifying a title to it.


      I know that we can use alias in the SQL and specify better user friendly name in the source select, but this will only go so far, I have couple of 100 fields and to differentiate them I have prefixed source system identifiers, so it is not possible to use an alias that will be user friendly in the 'CurrentSelections' box. Is there any other way around this problem (besides creating a new CurrentSelections with TextBox)?


      Any assistance is appreicated.



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Give the fields the users see user friendly names and prefix the others and use the HidePrefix variable to hide them from the users. If you need to use several prefixes to differentiate between groups of fields, start them all with the same character, i.e. a % character and set the HidePrefix to '%'. You can still see them if you enable the Show System Fields option in dialogs where you can select fields. There's also a HideSuffix variable, so you can use a suffix too.


          Another thing that's a good idea to use is table and field comments. This allows you to add descriptive information about tables and fields.

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              Biju Philips

              This will not work in my case, I do not want to hide any fields, I need the users to see these fields and I need to give it specific field names. For example there are 10 tabs in the document each from different sources/different line of business data, so the field names are large and have prefixes, if I use HirePrefix/Sufffix those fields will not be available to the users. In this case I have a field 'UMCurrentMonth' with the title 'Current Month' so when the user selects a month I need to show 'Current Month' in the selection box not 'UMCurrentMonth' which is pretty ugly at the moment.