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    How to manage  section access dynamicly

      Hi All,


      I am trying to authenticate qv users using section access.


      My code is basic and as following :

      SECTION Access;


      sql  exec mySp ; // returns [ACCESS],[PASSWORD],USERID 


      Section Application;


      My problem is it is not working dynamicly.

      When first time I open the document everything seems ok,

      but when I changed the password of any user in db and then reopen the document system accepts the old password.

      How is it possible to check the authentication dynamically in every document opening with actual password in the db?


      Note :I unchecked the 'Strict Exclusion' , and then close the document.



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          Vishwaranjan Kumar


          TRY IT



          SECTION Access;

          LOAD * INLINE [


              ADMIN, test1, password

              USER, test2, password


          Section Application;

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            Vishwaranjan Kumar



            Go to Document Properties->Go to the Opening tab->Uncheck Initial data reduction based on section access .

            Hope it help.

            Dont forget to save and then open the application.

            You can also see if User Properties->"Remember login credential until qlikview exists " is checked in General tab



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                still not working,

                my problem is not the same as the thread  69065.


                Detailed problem is as following:

                Think that  there is  3 or more users.

                and one of them changed the password and they are not permitted to edit qv script.

                To consistency I need the user's password to be changed automaticly and when next login or opening the qv document the user can be access the document with new password.

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                    Sudeep Mahapatra

                    I think you can use NTNAME in your section access table.

                    Assume that you are keeping your USER Access info in a table then the table should look like below.







                    This approach will work in Server. The QliView server will be integrated with either Active Directory or a Custom directory service. When the USER logs into Access Point QlikView server will take the User ID from the header and allows the user to see the document if the user id is listed under NTNAME field. We need to add the QlikView Publisher service account id under NTNAME and keep it as ADMIN so that no reduction is applied when the publisher reloads the document.

                    Please keep a backup version of your original qvw before applying section access.