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    Send to Excel exports tables that copy with Cyan fill formatting

      When copying or moving a sheet created with QlikView's "Send to Excel" icon, the formatting originally created in the export corrupts the fill and border colors when the data/sheet is moved to another workbook.


      Demonstrating this problem requires a second operation in Excel.  (That's why it probably this has been missed.)

      To reproduce:

      1 ) click on the Send to Excel icon (available by default in table box Properties:Caption:Special Icons:Send to Excel) on any Table Box object in QlikView. 

               The data appears in a new Excel 2003 (.xls) document with the same color appearance (with 'Light' style by default) as the QlikView object.

      2) copy or move the exported cells to another worksheet.

               The copied title row will have a White fill and the data rows will have a Cyan fill. All the copied cell borders will be Light Green.
                If your exported QlikView table box had a different Style applied, different (but still wrong) colors will appear in the copied cells.


      The effect is the same regardless of whether you select the cells and then cut/copy/paste; or use the "Move or Copy..." worksheet... provided the data moves to a different workbook.  Copying freshly exported tables to the same worksheet or to a new worksheet on the same workbook preserves the exported fill and border colors.

      This workaround appears to be effective:

          After Send/Export from QlikView, save the new Excel workbook, close it, and re-open the workbook.  Colors will now correctly copy/move.

          Another (more painstaking) alternative is to eliminate the copy by using a script to specify a destination workbook, worksheet, and cell range.


      Reproduced using:

         MS Office Professional Plus 2010  vers: 14.0.6129.5000 (32-bit)

         QlikView [Leased license]  vers: 11.00.11282.0409

         Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32 bit edition)