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    Folder Navigation in QLikview



      I am migrating some reports from SAP BO (Business Objects) to Qlikview.

      In BO, I have a Folder structure defined which contains reports in it. Approximately there are around 100 reports in BO.


      I want to create only one .qvw file which should contain these 100 reports.


      Is there any solution in qlikview where I can create same folder structure(as of BO) in a sheet so that when the user navigates in qlikview he can get the feel as if he is working with BO.


      Please suggest.





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          Sounds like you need to achieve three objectives:

          1. Read data in

          You can read the data into QlikView using the For Each .... IN DirList(Dir) and For Each .... IN FileList(Dir) commands.

          2. Organise reports

          You can up a hierarchial structure using the Hierarchy command with the directory names as nodes. You would would probably only need to do this as a linked table for presentation purposes

          3. Present data

          You could use a pivot table, maybe with indent mode ticked in the Style properties, to show the hierarchy, collapsing it when a report has been choosen. A search box alongside that would also be useful.