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    set analysis with E() or P()

      Hello to everybody,


      I'm not able to write the correct syntax for two expressions with set analysis.

      You can see esempio_eng.qvw in attach.


      The theme of the analysis is the following: count the items in the store on different dates.

      Each collection is identified by: a [Cod Rilevazione], it is detected on a particular [Data Rilevazione] and has a [progressivo] value.

      In the associative cloud there is a table: "ANAGRAFICA_PREC" which contains for each detection the previous detections.


      In the pivot table: "Delta ModelliI wish that the expression "Nuovi articoli" were counted only those items that were NOT detected in the previous collection .


      For "the previous survey" means that the previous column in the pivot table. That depends on the user's selections.

      The expression that I wrote:

      sum({$< [Cod Articolo] = E({1< progressivo = {$(=before(progressivo))} >} [Cod Articolo]) >} UnitaArticolo)

      is wrong because it returns the same results of  "Articoli rilevati".



      In the pivot table: "Incidenza Articoli" I wish that the expression "%" calculate the relationship between the items present in both the detection current is in the previous survey, divided the items in the current detection.

      The expression that I wrote:

      sum({$< [Cod Articolo] = P({< progressivo = {$(=min(progressivo))} >} [Cod Articolo])  * P({< progressivo = {$(=min(progressivoPrec))} >} [Cod Articolo]) >}  UnitaArticolo)  / sum(UnitaArticolo)

      is wrong because, given a certain current detection, returns the same value for all of its previous.


      Have you got any idea about solutions?


      Thanks in advance.