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    Treat non transactional data as transactional

      Hi all!


      Even though I mentioned that this is a bad idea the customer still wants this and now I'm kind of stuck.


      I'm loading a list of prospects and several action lists. Action lists has a date, month actually, so I can follow a timeline how many of the prospects has an action each period.

      This also makes it possible to calculate a total percentage of how many prospects has an action (not limited to any period).


      Now to the (bad) idea;

      Each quarter they want to refresh the, initial, prospect list and action lists still arrive. Now, in order to separate the prospect lists I need a date (right?) but that puts me in a corner with the action lists since the dates don't match.


      I told them that percentage wont be comparable since prospects fall in, and out, of the list(s), but they still want this...


      So, how do I associate the prospect list(s) with the action list(s) and obtaining the date association?


      Happy New Year