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    Load 1 row into QVD every day

      Here's what I have to do. I made a QVW that has some data about the number of reports we have. I have managed to send todays date and that report count to a QVD but how do I go about inserting a new row into the QVD every time it is reloaded as long as the date doesn't already exist in the qvd?


      My current code for the QVD is this..





      date(today()) as TotalCount_Date,

      count(distinct((Report.Name))) as Report.Total.Count

      Resident Reports;


      store ReportCount into ...



        • Re: Load 1 row into QVD every day
          victor montero

          hi ethan


          try it with variables:


          Let Var_today= Today();


          Let Nametable= ‘LOAD’ & $( Var_today);


          $( Nametable):



            $( Var_today) as Date_Today

            Resident Reports;


          Let Var_Store = $( Nametable)  & ‘.qvd’ ;


          store $( Nametable) into $(Var_Store); 


          With this you must generate a qvd per day with a date field.

          Then you make a query to load with 'LOAD *' to read all


          I hope you find it useful.