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    Upgrading QV 10 server/publisher with problematic IIS 7 to QV 11

      Hello everyone


      I inherited a QV 10 server/publisher environment using IIS 7 with issues and where I have to upgrade the server to QV 11 to also use IIS instead of the QV web server.


      My main question is whether I can just run the QV 11 setup.exe, where I can choose uninstall the earlier version and install the option, Single machine with IIS. Will the program "remember" the existing QlikView IIS settings or do I need to tweak anything in advance?


      The server environment is problematic and I list some of the issues I found and the questions I have:


      1.  I ran "inetmgr" and confirmed that IIS 7 was installed.


      The default web site was disconnected so when I ran http://localhost, I only got the error page 404 resource not found Qn: can someone verify that this is true if the default website is off?


      2. The authentication pool QlikView IIS is set up and valid BUT it is running on .NET v2.0, not v4.0 even though .NET v4.0 is installed. Qn: Do I firstly need to change the QlikView IIS to use v4.0 BEFORE I upgrade to QV 11? Does the QlikView IIS work even though it is using v2.0?


      3. I tried testing if tunneling works for the IIS but received only an error page when I ran the script http://<Servername>/scripts/qvstunnel.dll?test


      I found out later that the QVtunnel.dll may not have been added to the ISAPI filters; however, if the existing IIS environment is "working", then the tunneling must be working somehow. Qn: how do I resolve this conflict of having an error on the test when the existing webserver for QlikView is working? Where else can I check or what else can I check?


      4. Finally, I discovered that QV services are installed on two different machines: the QVS is installed on the web server, the other services on the machine that the company calls the QV server and lastly the QVWS is installed on localhost and is disconnected. It is a very confusing configuration for a single machine installation and I am tempted to just bunch all these services back in one machine. Qn: when using IIS, is it absolutely necessary to have the QVS on the web server or, when I upgrade to QV 11, will the program do this automatically for me?


      Any help or advice or insight will be much appreciated!


      Long live QV



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          Daniel Rozental

          I believe QV11 and QV10 share the same IIS folders and settings, so I think uninstalling and reinstalling shouldn't cause problems but it will be a great idea to document just about any setting or the web.config file that will store all qlikview's settings.


          1. Default website off seems like a regular behaviour to me. Some people just do a redirection from the default site to /qlikview.


          2. No need to change anything. That functionality works with .NET 2.0. .NET 4.0 doesn't replace 2.0 functionality, it extends it.


          3. If tunneling isn't setup you should follow the steps to set it up, the fact that the plugin still works doesn't prove tunneling is working. Port 4747 might be open, so the plugin will have no need to route all traffic by port 80. Please refer to the server reference manual for more information.


          4. What do you mean by "QVWS is installed on localhost"? didn't get that. A two server environment with QV and IIS on one server and QDS, DSC and QMS on the other one is a very common arquitecture, splitting server and publisher so they don't compete over resources.


          You will have to run the QV11 installation on every server of the arquitecture, selecting which services to install in each server. If you're unsure about how to do it you should get in contact with a more experienced consultant, QT expert services, QV Partner/Master reseller, etc.