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    Set-analysis - selecting the last 7 days and all days in  a month



      I am trying to have a textbox which will show me a summary, regarding of the selection, of a value (revenue).

      So I need:

      1) Revenue Last 7 days (including weekends and crossing back to previous month if needed.

      2) Revenue month-to-date - all days in the current month-year pair - till today.


      For the LAST-7-Days:

      I have "timestamp" and also DateMonth, DateYear, DateDay.


      I tried the "bookmark" approach, creating a listbox, and setting the query, and then saving the BookMark.



      The I use it in the textbox: =sum({BM_Last_7_Days}revenue)


      But the problem is that when there are other selections active, it's not working


      For the month-to-date:

      I just used



      But that's really a bad implementation. It doesn't work across years (like today


      Would appriciate any help,